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A surprising number of people to my website actually want to know about my dog. Her name is Bug, and she is my frequent travel companion. She is a 10 pound terrier and chihuahua mix, likes adventures and anchovies, and she is perfect.



I'm a cartoonist and installation artist that is exploring personal narrative, new human rituals, and collaborative worldbuilding through graphic memoir and science fiction, and large scale art structures. I'm obsessed with building universes and collections filled with awkward creatures and yearning people trapped in a world of heroic futility. My themes are inspired by old museums, cabinets of curiosities, pre-Linnaean taxonomy, and the quiet horror of colonial era collecting.

My immersive and narrative haunted house art installations, The Last Outpost and The Last Apothecary, both built in collaboration with my installation art crew(Three Eyed Rat), received grants from Burning Man for their 2014 and 2016 festivals. I have also recently completed another large scale science fiction-themed site specific installation, Salvage Station No. 8, in conjunction with Beam Camp in New Hampshire.

As a cartoonist, my work has been published in The Toast, Catapult, The Nib, Electric Literature, Upworthy, and Bitch Magazine. I am currently working on a full length historical fiction graphic novel, with Kokila(Penguin Random House) about a young logging camp cook in the Sierra Nevadas telling Paul Bunyan tales. I create comics at the intersection of race, gender, immigrant stories, and queerness.


I'm sometimes available for paying illustration work. 

With Three Eyed Rat, I am interested in designing site specific immersive installation work. Let us know if you have a space you want us to fill, your timeframe, and your budget.

I am often available for writing, speaking and teaching engagements. I have taught workshops and spoken at Bryn Mawr University, Dartmouth College and UIUC, and been a National Park Service Artist-In-Residence twice.

topics and workshops I enjoy teaching and speaking about:

  • Zine and Cartooning Workshops

  • Writing Memoir and Autobio Comics

  • Collaborative Worldbuilding

  • Building Object-Narratives (storytelling + prop building)

  • Invitations to Play: Designing Interaction Cues for Immersive Installations

  • Route 66 (especially about race, and solo travel as a tiny woman)

  • Paul Bunyan history.

My comics work is represented by DongWon Song at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. You can email me about the rest at shingkhor at